Pulled Pork, So easy, So good

So you want to BBQ like a pro? You are going to have to learn to how to make barbeque; not a noun, which would be a cooker or a smoker, not a verb that is the act of cooking low and slow; but an adjective, which is the type of foods cooked. That could be brisket, sausages, chicken but the king of barbeque is swine, or pulled pork.

What a BBQ teams refers to as “pulled pork” is well seasoned, slow smoked, pork shoulder or Boston butt (the top half of the shoulder).  Once you have selected your cut from your favorite butcher, yes Willowgrove Hill Premium Pork will do (shameless sponsor promotion), you need rub and injection. Any commercial rub will do but home made is best. Try the below basic recipe and add spices according to your personal taste.

BBQ Pork Rub Injection Broth
2 cups brown sugar½ cup kosher salt¼ cup paprika1 tbsp garlic powder1 tbsp onion powder1 tbsp cumin1 tbsp chili powder1 tsp cayenne pepper (adjust for taste)  2 cups apple cider1 cup brown sugar1/2 cup kosher salt1 tbsp garlic powder1 tsp cayenne pepper


Get yourself a injector and get all two cups into the pork, injecting from multiple sides. Don’t be shy about this! After, move your meat to a clean dry pan and put as much rub on the pork as it will hold. Put the roast into a large zip bag or container and allow it to sit over night refrigerated.

Let’s get cooking


Get your cooker or grill up to 230 (f) and your smoke flowing nicely. If using propane, light just one side, as we will be using indirect heat. Put your smoker box right on the burner as you will need the heat to keep a good flow of smoke going for about 2 hours. Remember smoke is just an ingredient, the meat is the main course.

pork 1

The trick of this is to allow the roast to slow cook for 10-12 hours depending on the size. This is one of those times where a digital probe is mandatory.

After about 6 hours the roast should be about 165, the “smoking” is finished and the process turns to rendering the fat and the collagen. This may take 1 to 4 hours depending on the the roast. Also at this point you can take it off the cooker and wrap in tin foil, and return to the cooker or put it in the oven at 250(f). The roast is done cooking when the internal temperature is about 195(f). Take it off and wrap it in a towel and put it in a small-insulated cooler (no ice) to keep warm and allow the meat to rest for up


Pulled pork

Team Canada BBQ Slow Smoked Pork

Pulling Your Pork

After resting your pork take it out, “Pull” the meat strands; you will not need forks to “pull the pork” just get a pair of gloves and separate with your hands to desired pieces. At this point you need to tailor the pork to your own profile. We suggest a Carolina vinegar sauce and finish with your favorite BBQ sauce. Of course we would use Team Canada BBQ Spicy Whiskey sauce as it did win the Best BBQ sauce in the World, (more shameless self promotion) but you can you what ever you like.




Mike Callaghan
Mike Callaghan is the Team Canada BBQ Director, a Pitmaster on his own team The Black Pig BBQ Mike provided his leadership, skills and experience for the team and their international program

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