WFC with the LG 900 Smoker

lousinia grills MiM 2014Traveling from London Ontario Canada for the World Food Championship in Las Vegas is a 40 hour commute one way. If you want to include re-fueling, for both the truck and the driver is a 4 day drive. Did it, done it and never again; it just is not worth our time to add 8 days of travel to a week of competition. Hence the dreaded “Fly-in Competition” drama.  You have to haul every small tool in your luggage and hope the cookers you borrow are not as temperamental as the TSA frisking my private parts.

Needless to say waiting in our assigned spot are three brand new Louisiana LG-900 grills, brand spanking new, nothing like breaking in a new grill. I plug them in and FIRE one, FIRE two, FIRE three, and the power goes out. All three grills dead, the tent lights dead, the next door neighbour’s pits dead, matter of fact the whole east side of the WFC BBQ division… DEAD… oops!


The electrician comes in and it seems it was his bad; too many spider boxes on the one circuit. In half a hour we were all back up online and once again, fire one, two and three… hold breath and there is smoke and where there is smoke there is good BBQ.

lg900 ribWith the grills lit, there was a few hours put aside for a quick burn in and season before we get some competition meat on the grills. The first cook, 6 racks of St Louis ribs each unit or 18 for the set with another 18 back to back for the people’s choice event. With beans from the WFC 2013 Best Side Dish in our back pocket (thanks Jason!) we were ready. This was also the perfect opportunity to test the grills to see just what they could do. Locked in at 250 (f) the cookers produced a steady heat and just the right kiss of smoke we were looking for. Not too little, like a propane grill or not too much like a Texas brisket, just the right amount. This is the Goldie Locks effect… just right. I was so pleased that right out of the box we were getting championship colour and perfect smoke. Ambient temperature on an overnight cook was not going to be a problem, with a digital set point on the grill and with a built in meat probe to boot the machine was going to do all the work.

I knew going in to the BBQ cook there was going to be a slight handicap for the team as I was cooking in the Recipe Division, which

is the tough part when separate WFC divisions are cooking at the same time.

I knew the team was in good hands with both Shawn Danko and Jason Savage. Instructions in detail, sauces, injections, spritz and rubs all ready and my daughter Julia at the stand by. Handing off the BBQ cook to Shawn for the competition against the top 50 teams in the world, yeah no pressure, eh guys?

I am so please with the results, Team Canada BBQ came in at a respectful position, 22 of 50 teams, a mere 10 points of the top ten. Stellar results, from a stellar team and great equipment… now if I could only fit those LG 900s’ into my luggage for the flight home. Do you think the TSA would allow them on as my carry on… perhaps not (dang).

Thanks Louisiana Grills


Mike Callaghan
Mike Callaghan is the Team Canada BBQ Director, a Pitmaster on his own team The Black Pig BBQ Mike provided his leadership, skills and experience for the team and their international program

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