The Kamado Rocket at the WFC

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One of the fortunate benefits that we get when competing on a national competition team is the opportunity to try new equipment and the World Food Championship in Las Vegas offered just that. Through our extensive contacts we found ourselves working with Galaxy Outdoors the makers of the Kamado Rocket. This is a serious ceramic grill with no comparison. If you are new into charcoal grilling and smoking this might not be the grill for you just as you would not give a Lamborghini or a Ferrara to a new driver. Though the grill offers simplicity at its best, the price tag requires some freedom that only ample disposable income allows. This unit will smoke, grill and bake with either charcoal, propane or for that fact both and do it in style, it is the top of the line in ceramic grills. What can I say but “Yahoo…”


Rocket Competition Cart

We were fortunate to work on an extra-large and a medium Kamado built into a competition cart. Firing the Rocket (that is something that I never expected to say) was as easy as pie with the propane assist, but I wanted to light it old school as not to introduce anything into the charcoal that I was not already familiar with. While my slow approach to lighting charcoal is key, I was surprised at the control available with just the opening of the top damper. It took a fair bit of time to bring this 750 pound behemoth up to temperature but once there, it held temperature like a rock, with little to no deviation. We I talk about deviation I’m talking 2-3 degrees not 50-100 in the less expensive competitors. As heavy as the rocket is, there is little effort required to lift the lid aided by spring assists and nitrogen shocks. For those of you who do not compete, this means putting your long 18 hour meats on the cooker and going to bed for some sleep. This was a pit-masters dream, no electronics or power draft fans required; just the natural convection and rock steady temperatures. Although a power “Bluetooth Guru” for the smart phone user is kind of fun to monitor your cook.

As functional as the grill is, it’s the “BLING” that attracts the eye, hand set tiles custom made to customer order is what attracted the public to our site. There were so many people stopping to take photos of our area; it was the Kamado Rockets that was the star and the team felt a little overlooked.

It was pure pleasure to work on these grills and every expectation was met with dazzling performance. Something I would do again at any time, with dealers all over North America,  I am sure we will see these products again and I look forward to it.

It is with the greatest pleasure we thank Bruce Spangrud of Galaxy Outdoor and John Cerul who babysat us all week while we were in Vegas.



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Mike Callaghan
Mike Callaghan is the Team Canada BBQ Director, a Pitmaster on his own team The Black Pig BBQ Mike provided his leadership, skills and experience for the team and their international program

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